Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Illustration Friday

This is my new patchwork square for 'Poise', I found it very difficult to even think of anything to do, especially as I have constrictions as to the end result and the format, being sewing machine based and childrens' art.

I looked up the meaning of 'Poise' and there was a subsidiary definition ... "State of balance or equilibrium, equal balance of weight ~ Equipoise". I have seen a lot of these little birds around in my work at the markets, and I just love them, so they were perfect to add to my quilt... fat and small alike. So three small birds are equal in weight to one big fat one!

I loved doing this patch so much, I have done one for Rubys' clothing.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


When I was in Primary School in the UK, my mother would make me an Easter bonnet every year... I was supposed to make it, but always got bored and she finished it off, they were AMAZING.... little fluffy chicks, chocolate eggs, ribbons the full monty! I ALWAYS won first prize and I think it got annoying for all the other kids.

Anyway, in honor of my amazingly creative and caring mother, I have decided to make Ruby an Easter T-Shirt. I am loving the result and at least this might stay on Ruby for a while.... a bonnet would not have stood a chance!

Illustration Friday

Well, here is my next square for the quilt... this is my attempt at "Subtract" what I have done here is used my image of the painting"Do Do Doodle" and made it into an applique patch.

I have "subtracted" the characters pupils in it's eyes and this has the effect of making the creature "brain dead" there is no emotion or personality left, it is just a walking zombie.. Eyes convey a range of emotions and are the pinpoint of a persons character. So the analogy is correct "the eyes are the windows of the soul".

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do Do Doodle

I bought myself a watercolour sketchbook today and once I had overcome the fear of the vast whiteness of the page... this involved staring at it for 10 mins and then a quick "confidence booster" of a phonecall to my cousin, I unleashed my artistic skills.

This is part collage... i just cant seam to get away from it... I LOVE collage, and quiet frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn.

I am thinking of trying to do a drawing everyday, the next one will be based on a poem. As I think I need a brief to work around. White pages and my uncontainable mind are not a good combination.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Illustration Friday

Well, here is my next square for the quilt... this one is also for "Illustration Friday" and created around the word 'Legendary'.

I could say it was all my own idea, but I have to give the credit to my cousin Nicola. I had the idea of doing something based around King Arthur or the Knights Templar, but it all got a bit too serious for a child's quilt, so when she said that Nessy was her first idea, but went with a John Lennon image instead, I stole her idea like the rotter I am, and this is what I came up with... Mrs Nessy.

This piece came so much quicker than the last and I feel that I am tuning into my long lost my skills already... come on "Illustration Friday" I am rearing to go again!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Illustration Friday

This piece is for 'Illustration Friday' the brief was 'Intricate' so I thought of a spiders web.

All my pieces will have a childrens' theme to them, as instead of creating work that wont be seen again in a sketchbook or sold off at a market, I am going to sew all the pieces together and the end result will be a quilt cover for my little baby Ruby. The history of quilts always tell a story and mine will be my journey of reawakening.

At least this way I will see my artwork all the time and hopefully it will inspire me to create more and develop my skills.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The beginning!

12 years ago I graduated from Art School, fresh faced excited and full of hope. Passing with a 2:1 Hons I was so proud.

I never really used my art degree, although I really struggled to complete it, holding down 3 evening jobs and burning the candle at both ends. And 12 years later I still have a debt that I am paying off. I had jobs that having an art degree would have helped; photographers assistant, handbag designer, home wares buyer, but nothing a little bit of "C.V exaggeration" couldn't have got me.

After having my first child April 2008, the whole experience has has opened my eyes to life, it's meanings to me and frailty, so I have created this blog as a journey into re-awakening my passion for Art. Enjoy the ride!